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Certified Public Accountant and Consultant

We offers a range of business and personal client services. Being a small firm, our clients benefit by getting personalized and quality service.  We have the business acumen and the experience to help our clients be more successful and increase their bottom line.

Below is a list of our services along with more details on some of our uniques services which are underlined and  hyperlinked:

Business Client Services

Contract Employee Services - Our Contract Employee Services is an easy solution to fill your short-term accounting personnel requirements, both domestically and internationally. With work performed throughout six continents, we offer our clients the benefit of our knowledge in understanding the various cultural differences and unique business environments. We can help your organization in areas such as:

  • Controller Service
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Long Range Planning and Forecasting
  • Accounts Receivable Management and Collections
  • Internal Auditing

College Financial Aid Services

One of the unique areas we specialize in is helping families qualify for more College Financial Aid. With over $236 billion dollars in college financial aid available for undergraduate studies, it is critical for families to know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.  Aid should go to those families that need it, but in reality, it goes to those families that best understand the system. The financial aid process is complex and confusing, but we can help with variety of services. Please see our page of testimonials to see what families have to say.

Customized Strategies and Solutions - This is our most popular service package for families with children in high schools.  Based on specific information obtained from you, we develop customized solutions that can increase financial aid eligibility, reduce college costs, and often times lower your income taxes.  We thoroughly explain and go over the strategies and solutions in a 90-minute presentation meeting along with a hard copy manual for your future reference.

Financial Aid Consultation - If you need guidance or assistance with any aspect of financial aid process, whether it is applying or analyzing offers, we can help.  We provide in-house consultation on a half hour increments.

FAFSA Consultation - The annual FAFSA (Free Application for Financial Aid) form is a nightmare for majority of the families due to the numerous confusing questions asking for income, assets, and tax information for both the parents and students.  Completing this form incorrectly can cost you thousands in less aid.  We can help.  We provide in-house consultation on a half hour increments. 

Award Appeal Consultation If your financial aid award is not what you expected, then often times appealing it can be beneficial. We can evaluate and help you possibly change the outcome.  We provide in-house consultation on a half hour increments. 

EFC Reduction Consultation - EFC stands for Expected Family Contribution and is the key number that determines a family's financial aid eligibility.  The higher the EFC the lower your financial aid package.  We can help with customized solutions to help lower your EFC number.

Income Tax Estimation for FAFSA - In order to qualify for financial aid, the FAFSA form needs to be filled out as early as possible in the beginning of the year.  Unfortunately, since the FAFSA form asks for income tax information, many families do not complete this form until March; after their taxes are completed. We can help by generating a reliable estimate to allow families to apply as early as possible.  This increases your chance of financial aid eligibility! 

Personal Client Services

FBAR Consultation - The FBAR (Foreign Bank and Financial Account) form is an important document that needs to be filed annually by U.S. persons that have a financial interest or signature authority in financial accounts outside of the U.S.  This includes U.S. citizens; U.S. residents; entities, including but not limited to, corporations, partnerships, or limited liability companies, created or organized in the United States or under the laws of the United States; and trusts or estates formed under the laws of the United States.  We can guide you and complete the form so you can be in compliance.

OVDP Consultation - The OVDP (Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program) offers people with unreported taxable income from offshore financial accounts or other foreign assets another opportunity to resolve their tax and information reporting obligations, including the FBAR. Although the program does not have a closing date, the IRS may end the program at a later time.  The penalties for violation are very steep including possible prison time.  We help clients get approval under this voluntary program and prepare the necessary letters and tax returns to get them in compliance with the laws.  This is one of the most important services we offer clients; who were not knowledgeable of the tax laws, but want to do the right thing.  Call us today so we can help you.

Financial Management Assistance If an elderly family member requires assistance with their daily financial tasks, then our Financial Management Assistance program is an easy solution.  Ordinary simple tasks such as reconciling a checkbook and paying household bills can become increasingly difficult for the elderly. With our program, you will receive the help of a caring, honest and knowledgeable professional to assist with the following:

  • Identifying and planning their retirement income, needs, and goals
  • Organizing and reviewing personal, financial, and legal documents to determine what needs to be addressed
  • Planning retirement account distributions and safeguarding against improper disbursements
  • Preparing an inventory of personal assets and investments
  • Reviewing and paying household bills, budgeting, and record keeping
  • Assistance with check writing and checkbook balancing
    Personal Client Services  

  • Income Tax Preparation 
  • IRS Representation
  • Personal Financial Statements

Mehul R. Shah, CPA, LLC
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Greenville, SC 29615
Phone: 864-881-1040

    Business Client Services

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Income Tax Services
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • A/R Collections 
  • Profit and Cash Flow Maximization